ReadyBoost My experience and a few questions.

  mooly 08:32 17 Jun 2008

Not having heard that much about ReadyBoost I thought it about time I gave it a try. It was after all one of the new Vista features. Am I a typical user-- probably, I have an Acer notebook running Vista HP which I installed over a factory "restore" image of X.P. from the express upgrade offer. 1GB of RAM. Nothing weird installed, just Acronis 10, CCleaner and a specialised application called Diptrace. Since SP1 boot times have been quick, around 2 min 10 secs (I use FSecure which slows things down-- without it around 50 secs). IE7 opens within 5 secs and I am generally very happy. Files and folders open fairly quickly.
So on to ReadyBoost. I used Peak 1GB extreme speed S.D. Card. I formatted it to it's default settings which were FAT-- a typical user would use it like this I guess and Vista was happy to accept it recommending 870 Mb be used.

The long and short of it is this. I persevered for 4 days and around 8 boot cycles. I never got faster than 3 minutes to boot but it gets worse-- much worse. IE7 could take up to 90 secs to open, connecting to my home page another 30 secs or so. The document folder would take anything up to a 45 secs to open. Time and again it would just sit there with lots of disc and CPU activity, effectively frozen for anything up to a minute at a time.
It was like running Vista with less than 0.5Gb Ram ! Whats going on ? Could FSecure be checking all the info to and from the card ? I did set up the performance monitor counters for ReadyBoost and there was a lot of activity to and from the card.
All in all a disaster. Having removed ReadyBoost I now have my speedy system back, IE7 opens in 5 secs and web access is instant.

  mooly 08:31 20 Jun 2008

No one any Ready Boost tales to tell. Good or bad.

  Pine Man 08:39 20 Jun 2008

Another one of the 'amazing' features in Vista that turned out to be as much use as a chocolate teapot!

  mooly 08:45 20 Jun 2008

Absolutely !! The idea is sound, the reality in my case anything but. It would be good to hear from someone who has a positive experience of it.

  sunny staines 09:20 20 Jun 2008

you might have a long wait.

  anskyber 09:24 20 Jun 2008

This article click here sums up what many articles have concluded, ie if you have 2 Gigs of RAM it's of little value but 512k it will be noticable.

Remember RB is not RAM but it helps with launch speeds. It seems to me RB was designed to help out low spec machines which Vista may have to operate on until machines are replaced with machines which have the more common 2 Gigs in newer kit.

  mooly 12:49 20 Jun 2008

Thanks for the link, it must be 12 months since I last looked there.
Ready Boost absolutely crippled my system. 90 secs for IE to open, 45 secs to open say the document folder.
The only thing I noticed that seemed quicker was preview thumbnails "updated" and appeared quickly, other than that it was just so slow it was untrue. Simply going into "hardware" and clicking "do not use this device" and all speed returned. I can't explain it. I did try and give it a fair go but the PC was becoming unusable it was that slow.
Could it be anything to do with FSecure do you think ? Would the data sent to and from the SD card be real time scanned. I don't know enough about it, and I will probably not be trying it again, it would just be nice to know.

  Bailey08787 16:17 25 Jun 2008

seems like your system was working before and that you were satisfied with load times

your need for ready boost was what exactly?

impressed by the connotations of the name perhaps?

  mooly 16:44 25 Jun 2008

Curiosity I suppose. Whatever happened I did not expect it slow things down to a crawl. I would like to know why though.

  armacomroll 13:23 28 Jun 2008

Using readyboost cripples my pc. I have 1GB ram and purchased an Integral readyboost compatible flash pen. I thought that it would speed up my system but it just jams and freezes the pc making using it impossible whenever readyboost is being used.

  mooly 17:30 28 Jun 2008

It sounds just like my experience as listed above.
Just out of interest what security are you running. I did wonder if my security package was actually checking in real time all the info read to the flash memory.

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