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  mammak 20:45 08 Nov 2007

Just installed a 1GB SD card solely to see if Ready boost works! I have Windows Vista Business edition with 2GB RAM installed I as yet have not noticed much difference although I haven't used any resource hungry Programs as yet such as Office 2007 which I would imagine would be the most resource hungry on my system
my question is do I leave the SD card in when I shutdown and reboot? excuse my stupidity but I think it comes from the early days at College where you should never have left a floppy or CD in the drive!


  mammak 21:08 08 Nov 2007

Hi I am inclined to agree with you I have just gave it the ultimate test opened a Database and linked to an Excel file the performance was no quicker than before that was typically about 5- 7 secs so I might just give it a miss!

I only hope now I can reuse the card in my Digital camera I did not reformat so I hope I can use it again :-) cheers skidzy.

  mammak 21:18 08 Nov 2007

I will do that cheers hun x

  [email protected] 00:52 09 Nov 2007

they say use a 1:1 ratio, but the example was 512m ram and 512 m flash. it caches to the flash drive and still writes to the hdd so it works with or without it, it's just you will lose the benefit? if any without the flash in. if you have 2 gb it wont do anything IMHO.

  anskyber 07:31 09 Nov 2007

This is a particularly interesting test article on Readyboost/Prefetch. click here In effect it says that beyond 2 Gigs of RAM the improvements are marginal.

It's also important to know that not any old flash memory will do, so normal camera flash for example will not necessarily be effective. The card needs to have fast read/write speeds over all it's range and be capable of rapid repeats. Some new flash is now marketed as optimised for Readyboost to deal with that point.

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