ready boost windows 7

  trainman 2 13:59 27 Oct 2009

Hi can you still use ready boost in window 7 or is it no longer needed. many thaks in advance trainman 2

  AlanHo 15:03 27 Oct 2009

I use a 4 GB Sandisk Cruzer for ready boost with Windows 7 Home Premium.

It works - but I am not convinced that it makes much difference to the speed of the computer. I use the computer just for Email, web browsing, Word, Excel and photo editing - I don't play games - perhaps that might be a different story.

  Pine Man 15:49 27 Oct 2009

If you are running a 32bit operating system the most it can recognise is 4GB of RAM. After it has taken account of all your system RAM the most that can actually be utilised is about 3 to 3.5GB RAM so unless you have less than 3GB RAM it is a waste of time using Ready Boost.

  Technocrate 06:51 19 Apr 2010

• step1 Plug your USB flash drive or SD memory card into your computer running Windows 7 or Vista.
• Step 2 AutoPlay
You computer should automatically detect the removable device and the "AutoPlay" dialog box will appear. Click on "Speed up my system" (using Windows ReadyBoost) at the bottom.

If your computer is not configured for AutoPlay, you can just go to "My Computer". Right-click on the removable drive and choose "Properties".
• Step 3 On the removable drive properties, click on the "ReadyBoost" tab.

• Step 4 ReadyBoost
Click the "Use this device" option and allocate how much space you want to use as an additional memory cache using the slider. For best result, it is recommended to use flash drive or memory card with at least 1GB of available space.
• Step 5 ReadyBoost
Click OK when you are done. If you decided to use all the available space of the removable device, then you will not be able to use the device to save files.

You will notice significant improvement with the performance and speed of your computer right away.

• Step 6

If you decide to stop using the removable device for ReadyBoost, simply go to "My Computer" and right-click on the removable device. On the properties, go to the "ReadyBoost" tab and choose "Do not use this device".

ReadyBoost is an easy upgrade to your memory capacity to speed up your computer and improve performance.

  ExPara 14:08 29 Jan 2011

I have a Net Book running Windows 7 with 1GB of RAM. Using Ready Boost,is there any advantage in speed using a 4GB USB memory stick over a 4GB SD Card, which is the best?

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