Read only..ALWAYS!!!!

  herc182 17:15 20 Nov 2009

Dear all,

I have windows 7 but cannot "uncheck" read only option in folders.
Specifically I want to uncheck "read only" on "My music". I do it and press ok, and it seems to do it.

Then if i right click it again, read only is STILL checked! Really annoying.

The permissions for this folder are "full control"

Any ideas? Its affecting Itunes too (i.e. it says it cant save the library file because i dont have the right access privileges)


  Strawballs 04:26 21 Nov 2009

I will be watching this one I have the same problem with my daughters win7RC machine

  sunnystaines 08:36 21 Nov 2009

seen that problem pop up a few times in this forum might be worth doing a few searches on it.

click here

  Forum Editor 10:02 21 Nov 2009

so that administrators have full control. You can do this by right-clicking on the folder in question and selecting 'properties'. Select the security tab, then click the advanced button, and amend the settings so that administrators have full control.

  herc182 13:08 21 Nov 2009


Thanks but I tried that...I put full control for all users just in case, then tried to do the same, but no success.

However, I have recently read that by taking my folder out of the windows indexing process would help the itunes problem.

It seems to have stopped telling me i dont have access privileges...

  herc182 22:49 21 Nov 2009

Dear all,

I have searched a lot on the Internet about this but with no acceptable solution (that doesn't involve deleting my profile).

Sometimes (and I mean sometimes) when I log on I get a temporary profile. No idea why. And if I log out and in again, I get my normal profile. It's sporadic and unpredictable.

Not sure what else to say. Any ideas? I have windows 7 home edition 32bit version.

Any easier solution than deleting my profile and starting again? Because if I do that I may as well just do a clean install


  Strawballs 23:02 21 Nov 2009

That was the first thing I tried with no success

  a member 19:30 22 Nov 2009

Have you looked here.. click here it explains why it does not work like it did in the earlier versions.

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