Re-naming photos in Win 8.1 avoiding Admin Dialogue

  harbuthnot 14:01 20 Nov 2013

When trying to re-name photos, a dialogue box appears to tell me I need admin permission, clicking continue brings up another which I affirm. How, please do I enable changing names, without these dialogue boxes?. Thank you

  rdave13 15:06 20 Nov 2013

It sounds as you are running a standard account and not an Admin account.

  harbuthnot 16:10 20 Nov 2013

Thank you rdave13, but how do I change that?

  harbuthnot 16:19 20 Nov 2013

Hello again rdave 13, I have just found my way to the accounts section, and find that I am named as the Local Administrator. Maybe it's the photo program I am using.

  rdave13 16:21 20 Nov 2013

Go to control panel, user accounts, 'Change your account type', then select administrator. If you are on a standard account then the dotted button should be on 'Administrator' already. Just click on the 'change account type' tab. Confusing sometimes :)

  harbuthnot 16:25 20 Nov 2013

OK, I think I have solved the problem, simply right clicking on the programme and electing to 'open as administrator' Thanks for the help.

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