Re-Installing Boot Manager

  Mark McC 22:41 12 Oct 2006


I installed vista RC2 and the boot manager was working fine it was letting me chose from vista to xp home but when xp when caput i reinstalled it onto my C drive again and now when i boot up no manager appears and i cant boot vista it just goes onto xp

is their any way of fixing this other than reaintalling vista?


  Jimmy14 22:45 12 Oct 2006

vista boot pro offers options to install the bootmanager again and insert your selected operating systems in it available from,
click here

  Mark McC 22:48 12 Oct 2006

thanks m8 but it says i dont has the correct right to run it anymore ways ??

  mgmcc 15:33 13 Oct 2006

Reinstalling Vista over the top of itself should also reinstall the boot manager files in the XP partition, which were lost when you had to reinstall XP.

  Jimmy14 01:03 17 Oct 2006

My RC2!

  Zeppelyn 13:58 17 Oct 2006

It can also be done using your Vista DVD and selecting repair options. I've done it this way after a XP reinstall. Also Vista Boot Pro will work with RC2, I've tried it.

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