RAR files

  conrail 14:09 14 Jan 2014

been sent files with .RAR, I know I need to extract them but I have search for free programs for my win 7 64bit pc, I have downloaded and tried 7-zip and winrar but both ask for a password, which, I asume means I'll have to pay for a licence, can somebody please point me in the right direction to download a free unzip program that wont ask for a password?

  FYourFlamingos 14:14 14 Jan 2014


  conrail 14:20 14 Jan 2014

thanks FYourFlamingos, there are lotos of options for waka but the nearest I get for unzipping is keka, do you have the web link please?

  wee eddie 15:46 14 Jan 2014

7zip can be free. However you have to search the site for the correct access button. The pay ones are the most obvious

  BRYNIT 18:33 14 Jan 2014

A .RAR file can be opened with WinRAR, WinZip or even 7-Zip. If you try and open any compressed file and it asks for a password it is the file that has been password protected. Contact the person who sent the file for the password.

  wee eddie 19:07 14 Jan 2014

BRYNIT: Well spotted

  conrail 20:42 14 Jan 2014

thanks for suggestions guys, the files came from work and have not been password protected but 7 zip and winrar keep asking for password, ignored password option in 7zip and it extracted file but with the 7z suffix, if .7z

  alanrwood 20:50 14 Jan 2014

BRYANT is right. The password applies to the file itself and it must have been password protected at the time it was archived. Maybe it was protected in error. Ask them to resend it and make sure it is not protected. There are password cracks out there as a last resort but be very careful of virus/trojans etc so check them carefully first.

  lotvic 13:54 15 Jan 2014

ßeta made me chuckle... LOL

specsavers for t'others.

  conrail 10:41 16 Jan 2014

Hi guys, apologies all round , sitting here red faced although I am innocent, sat here at work after spending yesterday trying to find why, not only me, but others couldn't open the files, they were password protected by person sending them although he stated he didn't realise he had put password in place, it was just one of those thing. I appreciate all your help, advice and time, again sorry and thank you

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