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Rant coming! Windows 10 update failure

  HondaMan 14:54 10 Dec 2015

I have had Win 10 running via Parallels on my Mac for a good 6 months. Running and updating perfectly. So, taking my life in my hands, I instal, or rather try, to instal it on my laptop. 4 hours later and I'm still waiting. All I have to look at is a blank screen and the HDD light flashing. Restarting gives the same result. I am absolutely furious. Why can't they make an OS which runs perfectly.

I am so hacked off, that my 2 laptops are now on their way to the rubbish tip and I am awaiting delivery of two MacBook 15 inch pro laptops. I will never touch windows again.

  anotheroldgeek 16:25 10 Dec 2015

Always make a disk/system image before doing anything as serious as an upgrade. Whatever goes wrong can then be undone.

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