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random pop-ups of nslookup console?

  hert88 10:26 10 Nov 2019

Hello, I started having this problem around 2 months ago. Since then I've updated a few drivers, the windows version, and have cleaned my pc from every program I don't recognise, at least twice (I make sure to have the latest drivers and bios, but this problem has persisted through several updates now). It is not very often, however twice or thrice a week I can see an nslookup black console popping (empty if we don't count the starting text) and it closes before I can do anything. The weirdest part is that I most often see it whenever I'm chilling (so not working with programs and just staying on the desktop). Ofcourse I've seen it while gaming or doing other stuff as well. It feels completely random and I can't find in the task manager if I look it up.

It doesn't cause me any trouble, doesn't minimise my screen or anything, I don't even know how many more times it's happening when I'm just not looking, as I have my taskbar hidden too.

I can't find anything online except a question about cmd popping, but on mine it says nslookup, and also I should have a dark blue PowerShell, instead of a cmd, but this is black so no idea what's happening.

  x13 14:24 10 Nov 2019

Have a look here and here that might help to find why it's running.

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