Random Crashing Help Needed Badly

  zRhys 14:45 11 Dec 2016

For a while now my PC has been crashing, if im playing a game or watching youtube. It happens rarely but at the same time like twice a week. I have a screenshot of the blue message. What is weird is that what i am playing or watching will repeat itself like 100 times per secound then the blue message pops up and then it restarts. I want this fix as i just want to chill and play games with my friends. Rhys

  Secret-Squirrel 16:10 11 Dec 2016

What is the message on the blue screen?

Here it is Dave.

  zRhys 19:34 11 Dec 2016

Rdave13 after doing the driver test and rebooting it the computer reaches the window logo and then the blue screen pops up

  zRhys 19:35 11 Dec 2016

But is a different text

  zRhys 20:22 11 Dec 2016

Yeah i get a recovery page and it says a device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught or something

  zRhys 20:27 11 Dec 2016

Want a picture?

  zRhys 20:30 11 Dec 2016
  zRhys 20:45 11 Dec 2016

sorry but which one do i choose click here

  Burn-it 00:10 12 Dec 2016

Why remove Avast?? That is one of the better AV solutions and certainly one of the least intrusive.

  StephenCrossland 02:48 12 Dec 2016

Have you checked if there is a Bios update? I took ages before I eventually got around to it. Fixed me. s.

  zRhys 15:39 17 Dec 2016

What do i do if my pc is still system restoring after about 4days in a row??

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