Ran 2 antivirus programs simultaneously - how to restore?

  mjwnic 18:06 07 Feb 2013

Hi there,

I'm a computer idiot. I have a Windows 8 laptop. Earlier today I uninstalled AVG free. I declined to restart, deciding I'd restart later. I then installed Avast Antivirus - and when I tried to run Avast, everything froze, and I had to turn the laptop off. When I logged back in to windows, I'm met just the mouse on a black screen. If I log into safe mode, there's the outline of my desktop, and I can run some programs, but most files are inaccessible & I can't get online, the windows taskbar won't open etc, and after a while a blue screen with text appears and the computer restarts.

I can't think of any cause other than the antivirus installation. My question is, can you think of any way to undo this without just wiping the computer? I've managed to burn some personal files to a DVD but would still prefer not to go back to square one. Any thoughts?



  lotvic 19:15 07 Feb 2013

Try wading through these options to see if any of them are any good to you....


  rdave13 09:55 15 Feb 2013

Try holding the Shift key and tapping F8 once the bios has run. I find it impossible to catch it at the correct time so you will have to take some goes at it. If you can then it should bring the 'advanced startup options'. Use lotvic 's link to get to system restore.

  Nontek 13:57 15 Feb 2013


Though I guess by now, that you have learned that lesson!

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