mikeandbecks1985 20:55 23 Oct 2012

hi my son has bought a new computer and it say 8GB of RAM but only 3.32GB installed. how do you increase the amount so its running on full capability. i know some of the ram is reserved for the main running of programs on windows but there must be a way to increase this.



  rdave13 11:36 24 Oct 2012

It sounds as the OS is only 32-bit. You need to install a 64-bit OS for the ram to be seen.

  johndrew 11:41 24 Oct 2012

3.25GB sounds a very odd figure.

Where are you reading the installed RAM figure from?

If it is by right clicking 'Computer' selecting 'Properties' and reading the figure under 'System' it should show the full 8GB. If it doesn't there is something wrong and the PC should be taken/sent back to the vendor as it is faulty.

  [email protected] 18:56 25 Oct 2012

"the PC should be taken/sent back to the vendor as it is faulty.".

It's unlikely to be a hardware fault. It almost certainly means it is running a 32-bit OS as rdave13 has said. 32-bit systems can only allocate 4GB of RAM. Some of this 4GB will be used for graphics RAM and other hardware, and the remainder is what you can see as 3.32GB.

You will have to do a complete reinstall of Windows using a 64-bit installation disc to be able to utilise your full 8GB. If Windows was installed by the seller then I think you have good grounds to return it to them for the reinstall. They should not be selling a computer with 8GB of RAM and 32-bit Operating Systems. Make sure you back up any files first as you will probably lose these during the upgrade.

You can confirm that it is 32-bit by right clicking Computer, Properties. Under your RAM it should say System Type and then specify 32 bit or 64 bit.

  johndrew 19:30 25 Oct 2012

If the PC was advertised and sold with 8GB RAM and a 32bit OS it fails to meet the basic criteria of being fit for purpose and is faulty.

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