"Logon servers are not available" after sleep mode

  jollyluke74 08:16 06 Jul 2018

Hi all,

At work I have a strange problem with my pc and some users. After using sleep mode, when a user reactivates his pc and tries to log on and there's no network connection available, he receives the error "there are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request". I tried to reproduce the error with my pc and it occurs to me, too. But with another pc I don't have this problem. It's difficult to understand what's happening. If there's no network available, but the user turns the pc on (not from the sleep mode), the issue does not occur. It's frustrating because we have many users who travel and use sleep mode very often. I precise that the registry key of the cached profiles is correctly set to the default 10. Computers do not seem to have any strange policies. Does someone have any idea?

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