"Filename too long for destination folder"???

  William Carl 18:52 30 Apr 2017

Much to my surprise Win7 told me in a popup that a filename with approx. 30 chars is too long for the destination folder when I try to move the file to another directory.

From my point of view the concatenated path+filename is long but not too long. At least there would be no error under good old WinXP.

So Win7 have probably introduced a new filename length rule.

Is there a way to disable this rule resp. allow longer path+filenames?

  SanfordNixon 19:42 30 Apr 2017

The basic problem is that under standard Windows file naming the total name cannot exceed 255 characters. Unfortunately this also includes the path to the file as well so "C:\Folder A\Folder B.....\Folder X\Filename.ext is limited. To resolve this issue use long path tool.

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