"A required privilege is not held by the client" message - Windows 8.1

  Happy37 09:26 01 Oct 2014

Hi all,

Good morning.

I have had my desktop PC rebuilt from scratch because the motherboard failed.

I now have a brand new P8H77-V LE motherboard in there and Windows 8.1 installed and updated to all the latest patches and updates.

I was having some issues trying to (re)install Windows in the first place.

The original route that I was going to take was to install Windows XP Pro first and then upgrade to Windows 8.1.

The problem was that the original Windows XP Pro CD was not being recognised as it did not have the SATA drivers on there.

To get round this, I changed the SATA mode in the BIOS config from IDE to ACHI.

It still did not work so I just put the Windows 8.1 CD in the PC and the install just started. Hey presto, 20 minutes later, it was all installed.

There is one small problem however. I have found that when I try to copy any file from the E drive to the G drive in this PC, I get told:-

"A required privilege is not held by the client" - Error 0x80070522.

Could this have been caused by changing the SATA drives setting in the BIOS from IDE to AHCI?

If yes, will changing it back to IDE fix it?

What should the setting be anyway for SATA drives? IDE, AHCI or RAID?

As far as I am aware, I have not seen this issue on my 2nd PC which is exactly the same as the first one, but with a P8H77-V ASUS motherboard.

The SATA options in the BIOS are:-




Please advise.

If changing this option should work, then I will need to try this and report back.

I will also have to see what the SATA options are set as in the BIOS on the 2nd PC.

If all of this does not work, or if it might not fix this issue, please advise what else I can try.

Many thanks in advance.



  Happy37 07:49 02 Oct 2014

Popping back to say that I managed to resolve this issue by downloading a .reg file from the Internet which allowed me to "Take Ownership" of the G drive.

I restarted the PC, copied all the required data from the G drive to a spare partition.

After formatting the G drive completely, I copied the data back from the spare partition on to the G drive.

All is now working well with no error messages.

I do have another issue so I will open a new discussion thread for that.



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