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"Up-key" being pressed in Windows automatically

  IceRevenge 16:16 18 Jan 2020

When I open certain applications created by Windows (OS: Windows 10 Enterprise - Version 1903), e.g. "Add/Remove programs", and select some program my PC automatically starts going through the list upwards.

Something similar happens when I try searching for a program in the bottom left of the screen. It goes through the list of found programs. When it gets to the top of the list it starts at the bottom again. This makes it impossible to search for things since Windows always writes the name of the selected search-option in the search bar.

Thirdly, I was able to find this problem when I right-click on a program in the task-bar. It starts highlighting the different options in the pop-up one-by-one from the bottom to the top.

I'd guess it does all of this by automatically pressing the up-key.

I could not find it in other applications like e.g. text-editor. That's why I'm pretty sure that the problem does not lie with my keyboard or its driver. All of the other solutions on the internet suggested that.

I think the problem is somewhere in Windows. I already tried running my anti-virus software (Kaspersky Internet Security) but it was not able to find anything.

Is it possible that it is a virus but Kaspersky was not able to find it? Or is it a bug in Windows? I was hoping someone knew what was going on before I'd reset my PC...

  Flat Earther 19:53 18 Jan 2020

Any game controllers attached, had a similar issue and it was one of the sticks on my xbox controller being activated while upside down on the desk.

  IceRevenge 00:31 19 Jan 2020

OMG... thanks so much. Sat on that half a day.

And the solution is so easy... thought I had a virus or something...

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