Quick Access ~ Windows 10 File Explorer

  wee eddie 14:37 10 Apr 2018

Quick Access ~ Windows 10 File Explorer.

It's the end of the Financial Year and, in previous years I have opened my Business Folder, created a few relevant folders within it and then pinned them to the Quick Access (at the top, with a Blue Star). I would then go through my stuff for that year, dragging them to the relevant folder.

I can no longer pin a Folder to the Quick Access.

I've only just noticed and I have no idea how long it has been since this has changed.

Anyone got any idea how I can reinstate this function?

  christinebelle 05:28 13 Apr 2018

Try to disable and then enable it, maybe it can helps click here

  wee eddie 12:52 13 Apr 2018

Thanks CB: I shall give that a try when I have my days off.

  lotvic 21:55 13 Apr 2018

Also at thewindowsclub click here

  Forum Editor 09:25 14 Apr 2018

I still have the blue star quick access in File Explorer.

  wee eddie 12:01 14 Apr 2018

I don't know when, or where, it went. But last year it made life considerably simpler.

I'm trying to get it back

  wee eddie 20:26 14 Apr 2018

I think that thought that I'd better say.

The Shortcut is there, you just can't anchor a Folder to it any longer. The Options are all there when you Right Click but,nothing happens

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