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Question about Windows 10 clean install

  sam123 11:04 30 Dec 2019

Going to reset my laptop as it has a number of issues, I still have the restore drive which will take it back to as new, but that is three versions of Windows out of date, and will also reinstall all the rubbish etc. So I am going to perform a clean install. I've done all I can, USB drive made from Media Creation Tool. and the drivers I am certain are correct, which include display, LAN and sound, But not yet any wireless. My question is will I have internet access when the install is finished so I can get the rest of the drivers through Intel etc. (I cannot identify the correct driver). or Windows update. Basically will the clean install give me some sort of basic wireless driver so I may get online. Thanks for any help.

  Aitchbee 13:29 30 Dec 2019

You may have to use another computer to download the drivers. See below [20 minutes in, Part 5 - Drivers]

click here

  Taff™ 13:47 30 Dec 2019

Simple answer is to have an ethernet cable handy and plug it ito your router directly.

  sam123 14:35 30 Dec 2019

Thanks Taff, Thought of that one after I'd posted. Using another machine doesn't solve it. I need to use the Intel driver and support Assistant to identify and download the intel drivers. Then the HP support assistant to get the rest. Any more I'll leave to Windows update.

  Taff™ 15:22 30 Dec 2019

Is the right answer Sam!



  x13 16:24 30 Dec 2019

On a clean install you'll be connected to your wifi during installation anyway.

  Taff™ 17:05 30 Dec 2019

Not necessarily X13.

You need a specific driver as you do for LAN. In this case an Intel Driver which needs the right tool to identify without taking the laptop apart or using Belarc Advisor to identify beforehand.

  sam123 17:17 30 Dec 2019

Tried Belarc but couldn't see anything. It's definitely an Intel driver and I've got one from them, just not sure if it's right. I've got a cable so will use that to run the Intel tool. Just need chipset and wireless from them. Chipset is also confusing. There is something called Rapid storage technology with the same version number etc. It's the name that's confusing me.

  Taff™ 17:23 30 Dec 2019

Just use Windows update for that and if it doesn't get sorted start a new thread. I can sort it.

  x13 17:26 30 Dec 2019

It's an HP laptop and will have wlan setup during install. Just remember to mute the microphone to stop Cortana interfering as it might hear an incorrect command! As for all drivers use the serial code of the machine here.

  Taff™ 17:36 30 Dec 2019

x13 - appreciate your input but if you think a Windows Media Creation install includes all the HP drivers, Dell, Lenovo etc drivers you will be severely disappointed.

Sure there are basic "Generic" Drivers but nothing is guaranteed on this one.

And the code is irrelevant if you use the "I don't have a Licence Key" approach and it then picks up the "Digital Licence" which is the way Windows 10 now keeps track of you - sure, upgrading from Win7 or 8 you just use your existing Licence key mate

Sorry if I seem harsh - keep posting mate. We generate knowledge and opinions on this forum and No offence meant & None taken I hope!

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