QuarkXpress5 and Vista

  Lakri 14:46 16 Apr 2007

Initial enthusiasm to try QuarkXpress from this months cover disc was thwarted by not being able to load it! Checked with Quark and confirmed that it is not compatible with Vista. Needs QuarkXpress 7.

  eoinrua 22:52 19 Apr 2007

Yep, Lakri, I've found that as well. I was really looking forward to it as I often used Quark XPress as a journalist on the Mac OS.

Newspaper production is almost invariably Mac-based and I'd always been hoping to get an affordable PC-friendly version for home use.

I went through all the registration hoops - it took ages - and when it was finally installed found the same problem as you.

Don't think I could afford upgrading to XPress 7.

Isn't Vista just great!

  Kate B 00:27 20 Apr 2007

Coverdisc software is usually older versions - Quark Xpress 5 was written before Vista so of course it's not designed to be compatible with Vista - that's hardly Microsoft's fault, is it? The idea behind giving you an older version is that it encourages you to upgrade to the newer version.

Anyway, many newspapers are moving to InDesign: it's what I use on two national newspapers.

  eoinrua 23:11 20 Apr 2007

Hi Kate,

What's your verdict on InDesign? Haven't tried it yet but it seems one of the papers I freelance for will be upgrading to it soon.

  Forum Editor 00:44 21 Apr 2007

but when I began using Vista I made the change to InDesign. I liked it immediately, and now I'm used to it I wouldn't want to revert to Quark.

  Kate B 11:14 21 Apr 2007

I like InDesign too - though I only ever tinkered with already designed pages on Quark so I can't really comment on the comparison between the two. I used PageMaker back in the late 1980s and what's interesting is how so much of that original app has made into InDesign. It's reasonably intuitive if you're not trained in it and if you have had some training it's very powerful. The downside if you're a Quark user is unlearning some of your keyboard shortcuts and tweaks.

The two nationals I work on use it alongside InCopy, which is also very good and intuitive to use.

  The Belarussian Mafia 14:44 24 Apr 2007

Just adding this to my list of threads...

  ventanas 16:41 30 Apr 2007

I don't have a problem with it. The freebie version 5 on the PCA disc is installed and works fine on my Vista Home Premium machine.

Try running the installation file as administrator.

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