Purchase of Windows 7

  rscott74 22:30 10 May 2011

Can I post details of a british supplier offering cheap software to seek advice on ite trust worthiness? The forum rules suggest ts OK for giving advice but I'm not sure if it applies to seeking help I'm requesting and I don't want to break the conventions of a source of advice which has proved very helpful to me. There does not appear to be a facility for private messages.

  a member 08:32 11 May 2011

if its windows 7 your looking for ,I would say that for example any offer you see offering windows 7 home premium (the most commonly bought) for say less than £70 full version. I would be suspicious of . unless you are a student ,(some student deals are much cheaper) there are countless websites springing up ,some in the UK but many outside ,and using co.uk addresses . offering keys at rediculous prices . they are mostly scams ,yes you will get a key ,but it wont stay activated for long . also if you buy a key from microsoft ,the price will be almost the same as the complete package (box 2discs ,guide etc.) my advice is to allway buy from a reputable dealer ,and get the whole package . I have at my disposal all versions ,but the truth is the home premium version will do everything 99% of us want or need .

  Forum Editor 17:24 11 May 2011

By all means post details of this supplier

so we can take a look and offer an opinion.

  rscott74 20:46 11 May 2011

Thanks for OK.

The www and facebook links are indicated below. I also found the business on a search directory. I would love to be able to purchase with confidence but the prices are incredibly low and the concern has not been around for long. I found evidence of recommendations but they may not be legit.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

http://www.opensons.com/index.php?route=product/special http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Opensons/104187262996518

  a member 08:38 12 May 2011

registered through GODADDY via housten in the USA ,??? why would any legit UK company do that ,also read the terms and conditions ,they are a joke . basically they take responsibility for nothing ,and there is nothing you can do about it . a similar website also UK but registered in the USA was mentioned in an earlier thread in this forum (windows 7) they were selling at similar unbelievable prices , I reported them to microsoft ,and I assume others did too ,the website was shut down within a few weeks . I know how expensive windows 7 is ,and we would all like to buy it for less ,but as I stated earlier ,in my oppinion ,with so many scam websites being set up ,the only credible options left are to buy from reputable dealers who have stood the test of time . the above company could not possibly sell at such low prices legally (in my oppinion. quoting prices a third or less of the cheapest known legit prices offered in the UK .

  a member 09:24 12 May 2011

did a little more research ,42 raeburn road (address given for Opensons), is a small semi detached house in Birmingham ,sold in 2009 for £147.000, google street view shows an ordinary looking dwelling, bin in the front garden and an old model car in the drive ,no indication of the premises being used as a business, no posters or signs ,and no indication of an alarm fitted.

some IP info here: http://opensons.com.w3spy.net/

  rscott74 12:23 13 May 2011

Thanks for the researsh and information. It certainly helps me and hopefully others who might fall into the trap.

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