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  Keith Farman 19:51 17 May 2014

Please help an old surfer. i keep getting after every virus check (pup.optional.incredibar.a ) i have tryed all manner of ways to get rid of it as yet to no avail, it does not hijack my home page but after every run it still there about 20 of them any ideas please

  lotvic 20:52 17 May 2014

It's from Conduit. Remove MyStart by IncrediBar (Uninstall Guide with screenshots) click here

  Keith Farman 10:24 18 May 2014

I have nothing in my indexes , no hijack page cannot find anything , did a run about hour ago and it found 20 of the same just do not know where they are hiding

  johndrew 10:43 18 May 2014

Have a look at this:




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