Proxy settings being "Inherited" across browsers

  Rosita 16:28 11 Dec 2016

Hi all :)

Desktop and laptop with Win10 here. I use FireFox routinely while my hubby uses Chrome.

I sometimes use a service that has to run through a proxy server, but don't like the idea of internet banking details etc passing through their hands. It seemed obvious to configure IE/Edge to use the proxy, but found that Chrome "inherits" proxy settings from IE.

I downloaded Vivaldi browser and gave that a try, but it too caused Chrome to adopt the proxy server settings.

Is there a browser out there that uses truly independent settings, apart from FireFox, or am I being too paranoid in he first place?



  Rosita 21:04 11 Dec 2016

Right, but it's a browser that can have independent proxy settings I'm after ... ones that won't pass settings across to other browsers on our machines.

  Burn-it 23:32 11 Dec 2016

The setting apply to the networking not the browser. However I suspect that Tor browser might do it.

  Archonar 08:08 12 Dec 2016

As burn it says, the browsers aren't 'sharing' your proxy information with each other, but when you set one up to use a proxy, those settings are stored in windows network settings rather than in the browser itself since the browsers pass their traffic through Windows networking rather than straight out so that's where the information must be stored. Tor browser may well work, and I also believe there are third party programs that allow more specific proxy control so have a look around for those if tor doesn't work, or if you want to keep using chrome and ff. I remember one called Proxy Switchy! but I don't know whether it's still going.

  compumac 12:58 12 Dec 2016

I had a problem similar and I followed a link by Secret Squirrel as click here that.


  Rosita 21:42 12 Dec 2016


That makes sense, except that when I set FF to use the proxy it doesn't affect IE or Chrome, and vice-versa. FF seems to stand alone in this regard.

But OK. I'll just change/reset the settings as I need to use the proxy service and hope they don't grab my online banking id ;)

  Rosita 21:44 12 Dec 2016

Sorry about the typos. Is there no edit function here?

  Burn-it 22:38 12 Dec 2016

Mistakes are permanent. It is not clear why. It is a pane (sic).

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