Proxy server in IE 11 problem

  mo66ie 10:42 04 Nov 2013

Hi I have a slight annoyance whereby when I boot my machine up and start IE I invariably get 'proxy server not responding' or something similar. Than I have to go to: tools > internet options > connections > lan settings and untick the box that says 'Use a proxy server for your LAN. Then all's well till I reboot from cold. Don't know about restart. I'm running Windows 8.1 and I don't think I had the problem in windows 8. Anybody out there got any ideas please.. Regards Allan

  mo66ie 16:06 04 Nov 2013

Hi Jock1e there is nothing in the box and automatically connect is not ticked. Should it be? Regards.

  mo66ie 15:05 05 Nov 2013

Worth a try indeed. I'll let you know. I/E is my default browser. Regards

  mo66ie 15:29 05 Nov 2013

Tried it. no go.

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