Project Vista - Getting rid of the bloat

  MrAagain 10:17 24 Mar 2008

Many years ago this forum had a member that managed to get rid of the bloat on Windows98. Forget his name - perhaps it was gandalf. People joined in and by the time we were finished the OS zinged along like a rabbit at a grayhound track.

Now the thing is I have Vista on two of my laptops. I like the look of it but its as buggy as a termite mound and slows performance incredibly.

So anyway to get rid of the bloat? Any genius around?

  Pine Man 10:29 24 Mar 2008

I found that the most effective thing to do was increase my RAM. My Vista runs really well and boots up in about a minute. Others have shut down aero if it's running.

  Forum Editor 10:48 24 Mar 2008

Really? I haven't had any problems at all with Vista on six machines. As for slowing performance, maybe, if you don't have a healthy amount of RAM.

  a member 12:16 24 Mar 2008

I am currently running 12 installations of Vista Ultimate on One machine ranging from a slimmed down installation of 2.2gig up to a 17.3 gig installation. using HyperOS 2008 with some of the installs pre cut down using VLite. but thats just me ,I love to tinker.
after running Vista in various guises since it came out I find (my oppinion) it to be by far the most stable OS ever by microsoft (out of the box) and pre service pack is remarkably stable.
but as it has already been pointed out plenty of ram and a good proccesor/motherboard is a must for good results.

  a member 12:21 24 Mar 2008

by the way the forum member you spoke of was probably Flecc , I am still running windows ME on a ramdrive for internet use only on another machine since 2003 with no antivirus , software .never had a virus ,and yet to come across a system anywhere near as fast .
Flecc gave me advice on cutting down that system . it is a shade over 85mb .

  [email protected] 12:27 24 Mar 2008
  MrAagain 12:30 25 Mar 2008

Thanks for the responses and the link

Yes - Vista is buggy and its performance bluntin size is just ludicrous for a OS.Environmentally its a disaster - base units energy requirements are going up and cancelling out the benefit of LCD screens.

I have loads of RAM as well - in fact the spec of my machine, although not class leading, would've staggered the PCA team a few years ago. Isnt it ludicrous? Our machines are so powerful and yet many still need to be replaced just to cater for the OS. Madness.

I wish I had enough confidence and didnt have the MS dependant games so I could go down a Linux route

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