Progress with Seven?

  Hedontownee 11:22 17 Jan 2009

OK I got it up and running
What sofware to install???
What Office Suite will be OK
By the way I'm not paying for stuff at this stage so it gotta be free!!!
What other software??
I have Thunderbird Email cos its my preferred client.
Also AVG 8 Free is working OK
There is a lot to look at in Seven but an office suite will be good???
Any ideas folks

  canarieslover 11:26 17 Jan 2009

Seems the obvious one.
click here

  Belatucadrus 12:55 17 Jan 2009

OpenOffice is first class, but if you want an alternative there's Lotus Symphony click here
Or if you just want word processing instead of the entire suite there's:-
Jarte click here
AbiWord click here
CryptEdit click here

  tullie 13:08 17 Jan 2009

I know im being pedantic,but its actually Windows 7

  Hedontownee 13:23 17 Jan 2009

Well to absolutely correct
Its designated as Windows 7 Ultimate
on my desktop but we all know its a test version of the lastest Windows Operating system
Lets check it out ...shall we!!

  Hedontownee 10:17 01 Feb 2009

Well I've been looking at Windows 7 for a few days now
It looks OK so far
Installed Open Office to the lastest update
Apart from those already mentioned
I have installed a prog related to my hobby of Amateur Radio
Its called Winpack and allows access to various Amateur Radio related BBS sites
The actual software was made and developed quite a while ago and it appears compat with every recent windows version so far
Therefore this says to me
The software was well written in the first instance and almost says that Windows 7 is flexible enough to allow "old" software to be installed as well
Has anyone had any major probs so far with Windows 7 ????
All looks promising here!!!!

  [email protected] 11:40 01 Feb 2009

Let's be really pedantic and put the thread in the Windows7 Forum ;-)

  Faffingwaste 12:02 01 Feb 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta Ultimate.

William Henry Gates III.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

Thought this might help.

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