Programs on Usb not recognised on another PC

  martd7 18:43 16 Feb 2019

I copied ccleaner and speccy portable versions onto my usb stick to use them on a client's Windows 7 laptop only to find when I insert the usb and try access the programmes I get the red cross with "program not available message"

Works fine on another Windows7 laptop

Any help appreciated

  martd7 12:44 17 Feb 2019


  wee eddie 13:38 17 Feb 2019

Could you try downloading the Programs directly to the USB Stick, rather than your current 2 stage process

  martd7 13:55 17 Feb 2019

Wee Eddie

Thanks,the programs are on the memory stick,my daughter's laptop can see them and I've been to my son's this morning,his laptop also sees the programs so it's not as if they're not on the USB,problem lies with clients laptop and am at a loss as to why it fails to see the programs on the USB memory stick

  wee eddie 14:54 17 Feb 2019

Just a thought: There is a difference between being able to see a program and being able to use it

  Forum Editor 14:59 17 Feb 2019

Just to check, this is what you should have done....

Downloaded the portable version of CCleaner to your hard drive and extracted the files to a folder that you created on your USB stick, making sure that you selected the option to 'show all files when complete'.

Then, you inserted the stick into your client's computer, browsed to the folder, and clicked on the ccleaner.exe file.

That should run the program.

Are you saying that the files inside the folder on the USB stick are not showing when you open the folder on your client's computer, but they do show when you open the folder on other machines?

  martd7 15:52 17 Feb 2019

Yeah when clicked on the USB drive on the clients laptop an error comes up saying "program not available", Thats clicking on the usb drive,cannot open it to see the programs,yet it works on 2 other laptops

  Aitchbee 16:44 17 Feb 2019

Is your USB stick formatted as exFAT? If it is then try loading your programmes on to another suitable USB stick formatted as NTFS. There might be some file corruption on your USB stick.

click here

  martd7 17:13 17 Feb 2019

Thanks HB it's formatted to Fat 32 as default,the usb stick is something I carry around with me comes in handy saves time it holds several portable programs,this is the only pc/laptop it's failed on

But I have deleted both programs with intentions of downloading again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:59 17 Feb 2019

If it works in other PCs then its probably a USB port problem on the particular machine.

Uninstall the USB root hubs and restart let windows find and reinstall the USB ports

  martd7 21:09 17 Feb 2019

Thanks FB I'll try that tomorrow Thought it may be that but sometimes getting permission to do that sort of thing on a client's laptop is "fruitless" thx

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