Programs just stop responding after 15-20 minutes, and I have to force shut down.

  ItsPatrickCarr 19:56 23 May 2014

OK, a few days ago, on the advice of people on a forum that I frequent, I found and deleted the adware that was messing up my browser. I deleted something I don't remember installing called 'Movie Mode' whilst in the process of deleting it, I got a message asking if I wanted to delete a dll file, it said it may affect the way some programs run if I did, I think I pressed no, but I didn't think much of it at the time, so I may have pressed yes.

Now, many of the libraries in windows explorer do not show anything in there, I try to go into the properties to sow hidden files or whatever, but can't seem to access them properly either. I know the files are there as well, because my wallpapers are on shuffle, and they're all in a folder in 'My Pictures' which at the moment, just says "there doesn't seem to be anything here."

I am fairly sure from looking around on the internet that this is a dll issue and not a virus, but either way it is extremely annoying as I can't use my computer properly.

Any help is appreciated, I'm fairly sure it's dll files doing this, but I could be wrong, thank you in advance. :)

  wee eddie 20:41 23 May 2014

Have you thought of resetting to Factory Settings/Conditions

  ItsPatrickCarr 20:58 23 May 2014

Yeah I have, but I have one question relating to that, will it delete all my stuff? If not, then I'll do it right away, if so, then I'll need to borrow an external hard drive from someone.

  rdave13 21:56 23 May 2014

It will delete all your 'stuff'. Even running the 'refresh' option will delete all your saved emails and favourites but may well keep your music, photos and documents but I wouldn't bet on it.

Desktop, left bottom corner, right click the start icon, select Command Prompt (admin), type or copy and paste, sfc/scannow, press enter. If error found, try a few times again if not repaired. Try rebooting and see how it goes.

  dont use one 10:40 24 May 2014

so you never back up, no wonder you have problems, why not buy a cheap drive and back and continue to backup in future

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