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Programme Files (x86) Too Large - Help!

  Anon-2455419 20:02 06 Jan 2020

I am having an issue with disk space on my laptop (an Omen gaming laptop I bought brand new around 2 years ago). I need to install a driver update in order to play some of my newer games but the install wont process because there isn't enough space on my C drive. I have uninstalled all but 4 games but have not managed to clear up any C drive space - it seems as though my Programme Files (x86) are the culprit but I don't know how to clean those up. My partner thinks the only thing I can do is factory reset and start from scratch but I am hoping that isn't the only solution! Grateful for any and all suggestions!


  Anon-319210 20:27 06 Jan 2020

Right click start select disk management and tell us the size of the drive with windows on? do you have any unallocated space left or right of the C: drive?

  Anon-433127 20:42 06 Jan 2020

Do you have a single drive ? Is it partitioned? If so what are the sizes?

  Anon-2455463 04:01 08 Jan 2020

Hum, improve your HDD may help you a lot.

  Anon-2455419 22:42 08 Jan 2020

Hi guys, thanks for the speedy replies. I have three drives I think, I have attached a screenshot of my drives from disk management below rather than trying to figure out what is what! Does that info help with what I might be able to try?

Thanks again for your time and help!!

Disk Management Screenshot here

  Anon-2080793 09:51 09 Jan 2020

Sorry to say but you are out of luck.

You have two physical drives, 128GB and 1 TB. The C drive takes up al;l the available space on the 128GB drive except for a small system partition and a partition where your recovery software is stored. The second 1TB drive is partitioned into 2 (D and E). Unfortunately there is no space to increase the size of the C drive as Drive 1 is already full. If you are desperate your only alternative is to delete the recovery drive BUT it will only give you another 1GB so not really worth it.

Your other alternative is to buy a new larger Drive to replace the 128GB "C" Drive and clone the existing drive to it then you can extend the "C" partition to whatever size the new drive will allow.

Another thought is to ask why you have so much space used by the program files stored in Program Files (86). Games are very space hungry so uninstalling the programs for one or two you are not currently playing should solve the problem. In all honesty if you are a dedicated multi games player then a new much larger drive is the only answer. If you decide on this route then I would recommend an SSD of 500GB or 1TB (if you have loads of cash). This will also improve performance but only if your current 128GB drive is a conventional spinner and not an SSD already.

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