program to use instead of CCleaner

  wescliff 22:50 23 Mar 2019

Have been using CCleaner since Win98, but have now had enough. Every time I boot up there is a pop up add at bottom right of the screen wanting me to upgrade to a paid for version. There is no option anywhere to turn this off. I think this pain may date from their association with Avast, and I also think the policy is to nag and nag again until we give up and but the pro version. I've just blocked everything I could find with my firewall, perhaps this will work. If not has anyone here tried BleachBit. And is it OK? Many thanks.

  BT 08:57 24 Mar 2019

I don't get any Pop ups from CC except just recently about an add on for the paid version which I don't have, but its only very occasionally. I do get a reminder when there's an update but that's acceptable.

  john bunyan 10:22 24 Mar 2019

You still, on updating CCleaner free version, have to be vigilant and untick the box offering to install Avast.

  wescliff 11:06 24 Mar 2019

Box for Avast was ticked. I knew about that dirty trick. Firewall does seem to be working so will leave it for now. No pop up this morning.

  x13 15:20 24 Mar 2019

I use HDCleaner . It's come a long way from the Beta 2017 (images shown on Major Geeks). Does all Ccleaner does (delete or create restore points, keep cookies etc) and a bit more. Will take a little time to get used to the interface but I like the software. For updates it has to be checked manually. Worth a look anyway.

  KEITH 1955 16:03 24 Mar 2019

a strange one for you I have ccleaner on 2 pc both running windows 10 and both running the same free version of ccleaner but only one pc gets pop up for upgrade request

  BT 08:17 25 Mar 2019

have to be vigilant and untick the box offering to install Avast.

Can't say I see that and I update regularly. I vaguely recall it a few years go when I got caught by it but haven't seen it since.

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