Problems with Windows 10 Update

  davidmball9 16:54 03 Mar 2018

Here we go again. I seem to be one of the unlucky ones with Windows 10 updates. After having problems on my laptop, which I only solved by reloading windows, I disabled updates on my desktop until I had obtained imaging software and taken an image of my C:drive. Having done that I re-enabled updates, but when I searched it said no updates were available, despite me having Win 10 version 1703 rather than the current 1709, I left it a few days and it finally found updates. When I started the update process, it got so far and then I got an screen saying there was a problem and I needed to manually restart my computer. I did this and I got another error message saying that updates could not be completed and it was rolling back to previous version, which thankfully, it did. There was also some other information that stated some sort a kernel error. The event log says “Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x800F0845: 2018-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4074592).” From What I can gleam from the web there appears to be issues with updates to AMD based computers, but I have an intel i3 processor, so not sure what the problem is. I can't find any error info on the web specifically for my applied update. I did run a check disc on my C; drive on restart and it immediately said 100% checked and OK. Any one else had this problem and is there a work around?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 03 Mar 2018

Your best bet might be to do an upgrade to 1709 by downloading the boot media and iso file from click here would make sure you back up any important data (photos music sotware install files and serial numbers etc. ) before starting.

Make the media on DVD or USB and boot the computer from the media (boot with the media plugged in or DVD in drive)

It will then ask if you want to upgrade click yes and follow the prompts to upgrade keeping your data,


  davidmball9 01:43 04 Mar 2018

Thanks. It is worth a try.

  Govan1x 14:36 06 Mar 2018

Maybe try installing it from here.

Click Here

  davidmball9 00:39 08 Mar 2018

Thanks Govan1X. I looked at those before and thought about trying it. Do you know what the difference is between the delta update and the cumulative one? I did not know which to go for. It is worth truing before going for a re-install.

  Govan1x 09:17 08 Mar 2018

Had to look that one up as I had not heard of it before. it seems the Delta ones are smaller in size.

As this is a one off for you probably the cumulative one might be best for you in case one of your previous updates has been corrupt.

Like you I am just guessing but as you are having problems with the update I would go for the cumulative one.

Click Here

  alanrwood 12:16 08 Mar 2018

Yes, the delta update only contains changes since the previous cumulative one.

To be honest the size difference is usually not that great so I would opt for the main cumulative one every time. Installation is such that it ignores any previous updates aspects anyway.

  davidmball9 00:23 09 Mar 2018

Thanks. My job for the weekend then!

  davidmball9 12:11 10 Mar 2018

Well. Miserable failure all round. I first tried updating from the cumulative update and that failed in the same way. I then tried updating with the Windows 10 Fall creators update option, but that failed as well. So I downloaded WIN 10 and created a bootable USB stick. I tried booting from that and went for the option of keeping my files, but only got so far before it stopped, saying I could not upgrade and I need to restart into existing windows and run setup on the USB, which I did. Went through the options and after about an hour of updating I got the same problem as before. After reverting to the previous version of Windows, I had a message saying "0xC1900101-0x30018 The installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during SYSPREP operation". According to the trouble shooter, this is usually a driver error. I cannot see anything wrong in device manager and have previously checked my hard disk for errors (none found). THe help page suggests doing a clean boot and then trying to run the update again. Is this worth it or should I just disable updates and wait a few months for Microsoft to sort out the sh*t they have created, like they did with the SSD conflict last year?

  Govan1x 13:03 10 Mar 2018

Not a fix but might get rid of a few of the updates.

Run disk clean up and when that finishes click on check files on the new box that opens.

If any unused updates on there it should remove them.

Now I have read that security programs could be the culprit so either disable them all first or try running the update in safe mode.

whatever ones you tried before will probably be in file Explorer. Downloads so you can run it from there.

Anyhow if you are going to try it again the best of luck hope it works for you and sorry none of the other fixes worked.

  Govan1x 13:07 10 Mar 2018

Think I had to run it 3 or 4 times before I finally got it downloaded. Got a feeling I did the last one in safe mode as most of your security programs do not run properly on there.

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