Problems with Windows 10 Creators update

  davidmball9 11:29 18 Apr 2017

I have a PC with an SSD. Despite having the program files on the same disc as Windows 10, I still had a problem with the anniversary update not working, Despite trying several workarounds, It still failed part-way through and reverted to my earlier version. This problem lasted for months, then suddenly, about 6 weeks ago during an automatic update, it worked and I had the anniversary update. I presumed from this tat Microsoft had solved the problem affecting "a very few customers". Now we have the creators update and guess what? It gets to 40% of the update process after 2 reboots and stalls with an error message saying it cannot update a component of f windows. I tried downloading the update from the MS site as recommended, but the same thing happened. Has anybody else experienced this? Have Microsoft screwed up again? If anyone knows ao a workaround that works, I would be grateful of the help. I have no wish to wait another 6 months for updates that work.

  Burn-it 12:22 18 Apr 2017

Did you turn your anti virus off?? It suggests you do just while doing the update!

  rickf 16:37 18 Apr 2017

I have upgraded mine a couple of days ago w/o any problems. Took about an hour and half. Very straight forward just click upgrade and let windows do it's job. I did not have to turn off my anti virus at all. just closed all apps that were running.

  davidmball9 16:41 18 Apr 2017

Yes that fixed it and the upgrade went through OK. Although I had to delete my anti-virus software (AVG) because I could not find a way to turn it off permanently. I was only allowed 15 minutes or until the next reboot, neither of which were any good. Maybe I need a better anti-virus. Strange that the anniversary update finally went through with anti-virus on and my laptop ungraded to creators version with antivirus on -albiet a different programme (Avast). I also lost my Wi-fi connection and had to re-install the driver software for my BT Dongle -good job I have a laptop and did not have to rig up an ethernet cable from another room. Why can't updates go smoothly. Anyway thanks for the tip.

  Burn-it 00:37 20 Apr 2017

I didn't have to turn off mine, and you should not really have to, but sometimes the two just don't mix. I too use Avast.

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