Problems updating Windows 10, I think different...

  SimonBWFC 14:05 18 Dec 2016

... from other recent update problems.

I had a blue screen/hang around Monday or Tuesday, seemed OK after forced reboot, did it again the next day. Something was really odd, my bios boot sequence appeared to have been altered!?

I sorted that then computer wants to keep updating but just keep getting fatal errors.

I have run Windows10Upgrade9252, it says this PC is running 10586 latest version is 14393.

Under the heading 'Choose what to keep', there are 3 options but only one is selectable in my case.... Nothing. So would lose all installed programmes and files etc!

When I cancelled this process I got error code 0xc1900205

I ran latestwu and it stated that it would 'Repair Windows Update Database Corruption'. When this process was completed it showed that repairs had been successfully made.

Hitting the start button would now say that updates are ready to install. It goes through the process and still says there is a fatal error and needs to undo changes made.

I have limited computer skills, please bare this in mind when replying: )

Please help if you can!



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:29 18 Dec 2016
  1. check if you have enough free disk space (at least 1 gigabyte) on your hard drive. If not, read the Remove temporary files article on how to get rid of unnecessary files with CCleaner.

  2. verify that time and date are correct on your PC - a date in the past or the future prevents both Windows Update and Genuine Windows Validation tool from working properly.

  3. run a disk check to verify that file system is not corrupt. Right click start - command prompt (admin) - type sfc /scannow - when it completes type exit to come out of command prompt

  4. try a restart rather that a shutdown this can often fix problems with windows.

Retry an update anbd see if it will now go in

  SimonBWFC 17:17 18 Dec 2016

Thanks Fruit Bat

I have plenty of disk space, verified date & time, run sfc /scannow, and restarted. Still no better.

In fact I resorted to Microsoft support using their call back system. A chap took control of my system to do a few bits download Windows 10 ISO and ran the sfc /scannow... my PC crashed, my bios was reset so it said no operating system could be found.

Case has been escalated and they are due to call back tomorrow morning, Grrrr!

Computer are like cars... they are great when they work: )

Thanks again


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