Problems trying to downgrade- expert advice needed

  ruth_willow 18:08 21 Sep 2008

Hey guys, I'd be amazingly greatful if anyone could help me out on this one:

I'm downgrading to xp from vista basic for various reasons. Anyhoo- I've got a real XP cd and stuff, and printed some instructions on how to do it.

I'm ok until I get to the screen which requres an administrator password- The password I use to get onto my normal account doesn't work.
The advice sheet I printed out told me that in order to get the 'correct' password I have to 'boot back into windows vista, open the start menu, type lusrmgr.msc, and press enter. Open the C\: users folder, double click on the administrator account and turn off the account is disabled option.'

The problem I have, is that the snapin lusrmgr.msc doesn't work on windows vista BASIC. Does anyone have any other options for me.
I just need to find out how to get the correct password and settings, then I can continue to load xp.
Thanks, ruth.

  brundle 18:46 21 Sep 2008

Can you explain why you need to access the admin account for Vista when you are going back to XP? For some specific task, or to retrieve some files?
XP will just format the drive and overwrite Vista, regardless of accounts.

  ruth_willow 19:59 21 Sep 2008

It's because when I go into the screen 'recovery console' (a neccesarry step according to the sheet) it needs an administrator password in order to progress.

I am finding the whole thing very confusing to be honest. Apparently installing vista through means of the recovery console is a better option, which is why I am trying to do it, maybe there is an alternative?

  tullie 20:34 21 Sep 2008

Boot from the xp cd,after making sure you have your xp drivers saved on a disc,thats all there is too it,follow instructions of which there are few.

  brundle 21:02 21 Sep 2008
  brundle 21:06 21 Sep 2008

The above link shows how to install XP alongside a pre-installed Vista system, it may be worth shrinking your Vista volume to the minimum and installing XP on the now-free area of the hard-disk.

If not, ignore all the volume shrinking blurb, boot from your XP CD and choose format.

Where did you get the information you're referring to at the moment?

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