Problems registering on a website

  seahermit 20:24 03 Apr 2019

I did check around the forum for this issue - forgive me if it is an old chestnut.

After googling watch websites, I wanted to register with in order to post a question on their forum about a Casio watch I have recently bought. To my surprise, I found that I was already shown as "logged-in"! (I won't mention the username). Thought that somehow I had gone into somebody else's account and logged out - but each time I entered the website the same thing happened.

This sometimes happened to me on the local library computers e.g. when a student had forgotten to log-out of his Yahoo email. But I am on my own Acer PC at home and this has never happened before. Is it some genuine chance quirk or does it mean that the website is not that safe? Or is it some other threat which I should be careful of? Hoping you can ease my mind!

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