Problems with an interrupted .vhdx burning proces

  Ricardo Wissar Paz 02:37 15 May 2018

My version of Windows is in Spanish so I'll translate the options I selected to do this operation so maybe they are not the same names of the English version. I created a rescue disk I created a recovery disk that included almost every folder of mi PC with the option Create a restoring unit in recovery section of Maintaince and Security that is one of the principal folders in the control panel. I burnt this recovery unit in many DVD's but I interrupted the process in the middle because I ran out of DVD's. I don't have money, neither a feaseble way to gain it in a short or middle term period because of my country laws regarding to dollars, so it wouldn´t be possible to buy a third party software. Is there a way to recover information of these .vhdx images? Is there a way to join these images together and achive to launch this OS? Are ther any other possibilities to recover information from .vhdx images which its burning process was interrupted? -If you want more details about it I can give them-

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