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Problems After Latest Win-10 Update

  IanS1 12:36 01 Aug 2019

Problems after the last major Windows-10 update … over the last several weeks I kept getting notifications that Windows wanted to do an update. I kept putting that off, but finally clicked “OK” on Monday (i.e. 3 days ago) … that update took a hour(!) … but when my Laptop re-started all sorts of things were wrong -

  1. Sleep does not work when closing or opening the lid (now needs hard power on every time)
  2. The %-age screen enlargement-decrease keeps jumping in on it's own to take the screen/display size from 100% to 50% or 200%
  3. The Mouse-Touch pad now needs really firm left click to select anything
  4. When typing a draft of a message such as this one in Apache Open-Office, the cursor now keeps jumping back to earlier parts of the text as I'm typing, so that it completely screws up the the stuff you've already typed.

Has anyone else had problems like this after this latest Win-10 update (which appears to be a major one from the fact that it took 1 whole hour, where they usually take a couple of mins or less on my laptop (i.e. Acer Swift-3 with gen-7 i-core-5 processor & 250GB SSD)?

Any ideas?

PS – if I go into “Settings” → “Power Options” → “Choose what Closing the Lid Does”, then there is no mention of “Sleep” anywhere … the only options are Shutdown, Shutdown & Restart, Hibernate, or Do Nothing (at present I have re-set it to Do Nothing).

  IanS1 19:07 02 Aug 2019

Nobody? Nothing at all??

I notice that update also re-installed McAfee which I had uninstalled, and it has completely removed AdBlock from my laptop, and that now appears impossible to download for Chrome ... scrolling is slow and jerky on most sites (inc. this one!), and typing anything (eg in Gmail) os almost impossible …. in short my laptop is now virtually ruined!

  griffon56 16:46 23 Aug 2019

Hi IanS1,

Forgive the late reply, but I suppose you've tried the Shutdown & Restart and Hibernation choices, they look likely, and, could it be that the update didn't recognise or be compatible with Open Office. If you know a Uni student with a Student Version of MS Office I think it's legal to use one of the three user licence options this version allows. Then you'll have Word which might just be compatible.

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