problems after isunshare genius password reset

  Jo Evans 18:14 08 Jun 2019

Inherited my dads acer aspire after his death - ran isunshare password resetter and was able to add myself to use pc - decided after a lot of thought that i would pay for the isunshare genius to reset my dads microsoft password and access his documents etc - seemed to go ok - said i had to change the password to [email protected]( no other option available) so i said yes - then on rebooting it comes up with USER - Jo Evans and asks for a password i havent created - if i run the disk again there are no users listed to change passwords for - no even Jo Evans - and if i create new users then reboot - it goes back to sign in screen user Jo Evans and asks for a password - have tried another password recovery tool on this pc and again it shows no users to reset passowrds for. Therefore i am now stuck with a computer i cannot sign onto - if i launch the command prompt it says i dont have administrator access - Hoping to avoid having to do a reset and loose all his stuff as he had a LOT of music on there - any advice would be very welcome. Have emailed isunshare and am awaiting a reply

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 08 Jun 2019

Have you tried just pressing enter at the password screen?

For info - You don't have to pay to change a MS pass

"Reset your Microsoft account password you use to sign in to your computer On the sign-in screen, type your Microsoft account name if it's not already displayed. If there are multiple accounts on the computer, choose the one you want to reset. Below the password text box, select I forgot my password. Follow the steps to reset your password."

Your best bet now may be to boot from a linux USB or remove the HDD and place in acaddy and connect to another machine to access / copy the data on the hard drive

  Jo Evans 19:02 08 Jun 2019

Thanks - yes have tried just pressing enter to no avail. I used a password unlocker program as i dont have access to my dads phone or email to recieve passwork resetcode to, as my father is dead. He was using a microsoft account not local account to log in and i thought this would be my best option. I used isunshare to bypass the login screen and was able to add myself as a user previously and so thought running the genius edition to get past my dads password would be fine - ho hum Now i am stuck with a user account (Jo Evans) asking for a password i dont know and no users listed to be able to reset password when i run disk again - so stuck for ideas on what else i can do apart from resetting the pc

  x13 19:34 08 Jun 2019

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ said, use a Linux distro to boot from. Don't install but run from the CD/USB flash drive. If the machine has an optical drive then a CD might be simpler.

You can download Mint iso from here on another PC/Laptop and burn the iso file to a CD. On your dad's laptop connect an external usb drive, start the laptop and insert the CD and shutdown. Boot up and you should have the option to boot from the optical drive. Do that and on the option screen select to run from the Optical Drive. Do not select to install Mint. Linux will run from the optical drive, albeit a bit slower, and will allow you to copy all the data you need to an external usb drive. At least you'll have the data safe before you find a proper password cracker.

1]: [click here

  x13 19:42 08 Jun 2019

P.S. it's quite possible your father kept a small notebook somewhere safe containing all the passwords and you've not come across it yet.

  Jo Evans 20:50 08 Jun 2019

thanks for the replies. I have had an email from shareit re the isunshare disk i created and used so will wait to see what they say - will follow your instructions if necessary when i hear what they propose. As far as the notebook - i can only wish he had - ive gone through every scrap of paper his partner gave me after his death but as she was rather difficult to deal with - refusing to give me his belongings etc and a long drawn out process via solicitors i very much doubt that she has given me everything - or ever will. Its not the end of the world if i cannot access the files but his music collection was massive and it would be nice to be able to see it.

  x13 21:10 08 Jun 2019

Jo Evans - the very best of luck to you.

  Jo Evans 16:43 14 Jun 2019

Well i was advised by isunshare to download their program again from a fresh link they sent via email - i did this but when the program ran it showed no users listed yet again - i added new users and rebooted - and guess what - back to log in screen for Jo Evans asking for password i dont know and not showing any other users - I have had to force the pc to get a command promt but switching off/on several times until its says its seems windows has not opened correctly etc - i have tried looking in SAM file from command prompt and again no users listed. So now i am stuck with a pc that has no users listed , asking for a password for Jo Evans (a user that is not listed) that i dont know and if i try anything it says i need to be signed in as an adminstrator and no administrators are assigned to this pc. Again i tried to get the built in administrator working via command prompt but nothing changed - back to Jo Evans - password prompt. I dont have the windows 10 set up disk. Could you possibly give step by set instructions on how to get files off pc onto a usb using a cd ??? Im assuming i would then need to reset the pc ?? And then how to reload the files back onto the pc - would this keep my dad music and picture files ??? Think i might be in above my head now. Awaiting advice - thanks in advance. Oh and by the way isunshares advice was they have issued a refund and could i remove the software from my pc - nice customer service - if only i could.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 14 Jun 2019

click here a Linux live CD (Ubuntu is easy to use for beginners in Linux) Once you have the CD use it to boot the laptop and either make an image of the drive to an external USB connected Hard drive or just browse the drive to extract the files as per Access or Backup Files from Your Dead Windows PC t the bottom of the linked page I posted above.


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