Problem in WIndows Vista reinstallation

  Aaron011 05:57 08 Oct 2014

Hi this is Aaron. Let me describe my problem. I have Dell inspiron with Windows Vista. It happened that while the PC is on update power failed (battery died) after which Windows would not boot but safe mode was working fine. I decided to (clean) reinstall windows with Original Vista CD came along with the system. I removed hard disk and connected to another computer, backed up all data and formatted it. Now when I tried to install Vista from cd it wont boot even during installation process. But safe mode was working while installation. Finally windows said it cannot complete installation in safe mode.

I used dell diagnostics which tested processor, memory, hard disk, keyboard, system board etc and everything passed test. The persistent problem is windows wont boot in normal mode and it never goes to windows logo screen but keep restarting. Since vista installation is incomplete safe mode is of not any use.

  Aaron011 19:32 08 Oct 2014

Thanks for the response. Whatever I do it ends up with the same problem

Initial Dell screen < hit f12 < choose normal mode < running dots < back to initial Dell screen

Initial Dell screen < boot from cd < loading windows files < running dots < back to initial Dell screen

Initial Dell screen < running Dell diagnostics < all tests passed < running dots < back to initial Dell screen

Initial Dell screen < hit f12 < choose safe mode < loading drivers < Message : Windows installation cannot be completed in safe mode < back to initial Dell screen

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:01 08 Oct 2014

Best bet may be to connect HDD to another PC either direct or in a caddy.

Format the drive

refit to dell and reinstall windows

  Aaron011 05:06 09 Oct 2014

@ Fruit Bat Thanks for the response. The same problem exists before and after formatting the hard drive in another computer and no problem with hard drive (see my first post). Now I can reinstall windows in the formatted drive and during installation it requires the system be restarted several times. And during the first rebooting it stuck with running dot screen and moves back to initial Dell screen.

Format hard drive < Initial Dell screen < install windows from cd < installations proceeds < needs to restart windows during installation < initial Dell screen < running dots < back again to Dell screen.

  lotvic 12:21 09 Oct 2014

"...during installation it requires the system be restarted several times"

are you, by any chance, pressing keyboard button ?

During the installation, You may get this message "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..", do not press any key - let the pc do it by itself.

  lotvic 12:25 09 Oct 2014

Don't forget you'll need Drivers etc.

Official Dell UK support site ClickHere

Unofficial Dell reinstall guides and drivers ClickHere

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