Problem - where has my saved file gone in windows?

  znord737 14:40 28 Oct 2015

1.Undertook a clean re-install of Windows 7 - no problems went like a charm. 2.I had saved all my documents,pictures,drivers etc on to a usb flash drive. When I had done that I checked to see that they were actually there. 3.When I downloaded all the saved data from my flash drive There was only one file missing and that was one containing all my passwords. The passwords were saved in a word document and as the location was some 75% down the list I am at a loss to know where it has gone or how can I get it back? any assistance much appreciated znord737

  tullie 14:45 28 Oct 2015

Isent it still on your flash drive?

  znord737 18:04 28 Oct 2015

Message for Tuille I have had a look at the flash drive just now Everything is shown in alphabetic sequence until one gets to "P" Passwords and nothing is shown. I did a highlight of all the material I wanted to copy from my docs folder and copied/dragged it across to the flash drive. It all copied then . To be sure I closed down the flash drive and my docs folder and reopened the flash drive to be doubly sure that everything was there and it was .

When I came to insert my docs on the reinstalled win 7 everything copied across ok and I went on to some other tasks.

Some 24 hourslater I went to access all my password info in my docs and lo and behold it had gone !

The only thing I can think of is that I may have just unplugged the Flash Drive without going through the procedure of safe ejection. I have read of circumstances where just pulling out the flash drive without going through the procedure for safe removal can lead to loss of data?

Anyway I wonder if I ran the recuvva programme on the flash drive whether there is a chance I could get the data back? what do you think? znord737

  tullie 19:18 28 Oct 2015

Yes,try Recuva

  znord737 01:20 29 Oct 2015

For Tullie Thanks your input and suggestions , much appreciated. Tried Recuvva without any success. That file is just not there. I am baffled as to when I copy across 20 sequential files to my memory stick file number 15 is not there . Think I will have to Google this and find out why this has happened. Thanks again your help Znord737

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