Problem with start up on vista

  mike59 11:44 08 Nov 2012

Hi,when swicthing on pc i am now getting a page which i assume is something to do with the makers software. It's titled America Megatrends and below lots of info which i as a pc novice have no idea what it means ! Basically to get to my login page, i have to press f2 then f1, but on every occasion this then takes me back to just after midnight 2001, i then have to change the time and date to the present...any ideas. ps. I did take a snapshot of the screen, but don't see a facility on here to upload it. Regards, Mike

  northumbria61 22:16 09 Nov 2012

Far out possibility but could you have a stuck key on your keyboard? Could be invoking BIOS setup or something? Try another keyboard.

The fact that you loose the settings plus the date and time means it could be the CMOS battery, a coin type battery on the mother board which provides power to retain your settings and you need to replace the battery.

  northumbria61 22:47 09 Nov 2012

Sorry I didn't answer your first query about America Megatrends. This is the BIOS flash screen and gives the user information about the various processes happening during the boot stage.

It can be disabled but disabling your BIOS flash screen will inhibit your viewing of the boot process and could prevent you from seeing what is wrong with your computer's boot processes.

enter link description here

  mike59 12:04 10 Nov 2012

Thanks so much for that. I'll try another keyboard first. I've just noticed on the photo I took of the screen, that is does have the words- low battery, I hadn't seen this before, and now that you've pointed this out, it could be the problem. If you don't mind me asking, Is this a job for an expert to fix.

Cheers, and many thanks. Mike

  rdave13 17:43 10 Nov 2012

If it is a desktop then changing the cmos battery is relatively painless, on a laptop, it's a different matter.

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