Problem with Rootkits on Win 8 System

  proudfoot 14:36 18 Aug 2013

My wife's Win 8 laptop has worked fine since bought in January. The other day she did a virus scan and the log showed 84 root-kit infections. We have been unable to remove them. We reset the system back to Factory Settings yesterday set up the software with country code time zone etc. and a virus scan was OK. This morning we phoned M$ to authenticate and the system OK. We started to reinstall the software. Wireless settings, Firefox, AVG Free, Incredimail and Skype. (The Skype software in Win 8 never worked properly for some unknown reason previously on the system from new, so we D/L it and instated it manually). That worked OK untill the other day when we discovered the Root-kits. Immediately after installing each piece of software we have scanned the system and all was OK until we clicked on the Skype instal file and AVG flashed up a warning window that there were 2 root-kits. We then did a full system scan and 86 Root-kits showed up. At the moment we are once again putting the Factory settings back on. Is it possible that these rootkits are in the Master Boot Record on the Hard Drive and although the C drive is being formatted prior to resetting the system they are not being removed. Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

  chub_tor 16:21 18 Aug 2013

If you read this article and scroll down you will see that having two anti virus programmes running at the same time can cause false positives for rootkits. You mention installing AVG Free. Have you disabled the built in Windows8 anti virus Windows Defender? If not that may be your problem.

  rdave13 18:17 18 Aug 2013

I'd try free Avast antivirus as an alternative to AVG on your next reinstall. If it runs ok with no rootkit warnings then it may well be False Positives from AVG.

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