Problem remote printing from IE9

  xania 17:49 25 Jan 2012

Total configuration is:

1 desktop running Windows XP - no problems 1 Virgin Router I HP Wireless printer 1 Laptop running Windows 7.

When running Word, the laptop experiences no problems priting remotely. However, when running IE89 which includes e-mail, the laptop cannot print remotely, bhut works fine if connected through the USB port.

  difarn 18:22 25 Jan 2012

There appears to be a problem in IE9 if some printer drivers use active X based software/drivers.

Do you have the up to date drivers for your printer?

There may be a fix here

I also found this in a blog:-

"Ever since Windows 7 and IE9 were installed in my Laptop, I always noticed that the Start Menu included two links labeled like this: Inter Explorer (64-bit), and Internet Explorer. Since my version of Windows 7 is 64-bit, I always assumed that the Inter Explorer (64-bit) is the one I should always use to access the internet. Unfortunately, that’s the link that always returns the dreaded Script Error every time I try to print something off of a web page, such as my bank statement. The script error is always shown to be on line 2107, as an unspecified error. I went so far as to uninstall and reinstall IE9 four or five times without success: I was never able to print anything using Internet Explorer (64-bit). Then it occurred to me that maybe the latter might be Internet Explorer (32-bit), which is not labeled as such. I decided to try that link instead to see if the script error would come back. Surprise surprise! That’s it! If you want to print something off the internet, don’t use the link labeled Internet Explorer (64-bit). It is that simple. Use the other one. And for convenience, you can also move that link (the 32-bit) to the desk top and to the task bar. "

May just work.

  xania 20:55 25 Jan 2012

Thank you for this, difarn. I'm doing this for a friend so won't be able to check back until lkater but will report back. Funnily enough, I also had so 64-bit problems on my own home PC and had ditched this in favour of the 32-bit version.

  difarn 22:52 25 Jan 2012

You're welcome - hope it works out.

  sharpamat 08:31 26 Jan 2012

If you check Microsoft knowledge base the advice is IE 9 is not suitable for use with XP

  difarn 09:32 26 Jan 2012

I read it that it was the Windows 7 laptop that was having the problem.

  xania 13:49 13 Feb 2012

Problem is with laptop - Windows 7

  difarn 14:04 13 Feb 2012

Has the problem been resolved?

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