problem with internet explorer 10

  griffo120 00:15 09 Aug 2013

Hi there, I have windows 8 and internet explorer 10 on my acer aspire v5-121 and I am currently having problems watching certain videos. Up until yesterday everything was fine however now when I try and watch certain videos once the video has began playing I get the busy icon, delayed responses to my requests, and huge lagging to the point of the page becoming unresponsive even with videos that were playing fine a couple of days ago. At first I thought it was my computers RAM so I did a memory test and no errors were found, I then discovered that in google chrome (with the pepper flash disabled) the same videos play fine and with no great difficulty to my computer. I gathered from this that it couldn't be my computer or internet connection else the problem would persist regardless of which browser I was using and came to the conclusion that it was IE10 that was the problem. So I reset my Internet Explorer settings thinking that some change had occurred which had become detrimental to it's performance and it made no difference, emptied the cache same result, does anybody know what the problem could be?



  savim 12:51 09 Aug 2013

Try running Windows updates to see if there is an update for Flash player.There was in the July updates.

  griffo120 14:47 09 Aug 2013

Hi Savim, Thanks for the idea but with windows 8 flash player automatically updates itself whenever an update becomes available and is built-in so you can't manually install another version or uninstall the current version.

Thanks for your contribution Griffo120

  rdave13 17:22 09 Aug 2013

click here might help.

  griffo120 01:34 10 Aug 2013

No luck with the "Videos won't play or webpages don't display correctly" microsoft troubleshooting rdave13 but thanks for the assistance, also done a scan for malware using malwarebytes but nothing found am currently having a look in the internet explorer forum thinking it's got to be a flash player issue.

Thanks Griffo120

  griffo120 15:52 12 Aug 2013

Tried resetting Internet Explorer settings, disabling add-ons, and compatibility view Jock1e thanks for the advice. I might end up doing a system restore but only want to do it as a last resort, using a combination of IE, Chrome and Opera at the moment.

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