Problem with ethernet connection, please help!

  James McDermott 13:32 28 Jan 2017

Hello everyone! i have a big problem and i was wondering if any of you wonderful people would be willing to help. So i am a 14 year old boy and i wanted to build a pc for my birthday. It took very long for me to decide what parts i wanted and for them to come in the post but they finally came. So i put i put it together, and everything went smoothly, except that i might have scratched a little bit of the motherboard against one of the standoffs and i spent a lot of time trying to put on the amd stock cooler until I realised that i was putting it on the wrong way around... but it didnt seem to damage the cpu in any way and there hasnt been any issues with overheating. So I installed windows and it was ready. So i went onto edge and tryed to browse the web (I thought i was using wifi from my wifi booster) but it said i had no internet. So i went into network settings, and found out that my motherboard didnt have on board wifi, so i had to buy a wifi adapter. When it came, i installed it, and i had internet. I then installed firefox, steam, drivers and all those other things. The internet was working for a few more days but then my wifi booster broke. Then, i bought a 50 meter waterproof cat 6 ethernet cable. It came, and me and my dad set it up and plugged it into my sky router. It again was working fine the first day and i reinstalled windows because the old one seemed very buggy. I reinstalled all my drivers and programs (i forgot to install my graphics card drivers though) and everything was working fine. But, the next day the internet wasn't working. Nothing would load! So if anyone could give me any advice or solutions or anything, i would be so grateful. Thank you so much! I hope i explained everything well and gave all the information in an easy way to understand. Once again to anyone you answers, thank you!

  [DELETED] 17:46 28 Jan 2017

I'm now assuming that you're running Windows 10? Still connected via Ethernet. It could be a driver issue not loading correctly. Assuming the motherboard isn't damaged then boot up. Log in to desktop and let the PC idle for 30 min.

Once you've gone through the idle time then power, and select restart. Might have to restart a couple of times. Note that this is not selecting "shutdown".

Should get the drivers loading correctly.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:00 28 Jan 2017

James, it's highly likely that Dave's simple tip about restarting your PC will solve this problem (if you're running Windows 8/10). If it doesn't then run the Internet connection troubleshooter. You can find it in Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center -> "Troubleshoot Problems" link -> Internet Connections.

Let us know the outcome please.

  James McDermott 20:06 28 Jan 2017

Hello Dave, i just wanted to say that your solution didn't work unfortunately. Thank you for your answer though? Have any other solutions? Thanks!

  [DELETED] 20:28 28 Jan 2017

Try the troubleshooter as suggested by Secret-Squirrel .

If that fails then download Speccy installer on another computer then transfer to a usb drive and install on your computer. It will show what Lan controller you have and we can look for a driver. Hopefully you haven't knackerd part of your mobo. You can still get an USB WI-FI dongle if all else fails.

  James McDermott 21:36 28 Jan 2017

Hi Dave, I installed speccy on another computer and all went well, and my lan controller appears to be "Killer e2200 gigabit ethernet controller". See what you can do. Thanks for the reply!

  [DELETED] 10:37 29 Jan 2017

Found this , shows driver suit for Killer E2200. I'm assuming the drivers on your motherboard disk aren't up to date.

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