Problem downloading with IE7

  crimbo 17:37 22 Feb 2007

Hi, i have a problem with downloading; when i get to the stage of downloading an item, just as the download starts, i get an error message saying that connection with the server has been lost. I have been using Firefox as well, and i can download perfectly from that.

  crimbo 17:38 22 Feb 2007

PS I'm using Vista on a new laptop hooked up[ to a domestic wireless network

  kinger 20:53 22 Feb 2007

Are you using a download manager or have you got one installed?

  crimbo 22:10 22 Feb 2007

No i'm not using a download manager

  provider 2 22:37 22 Feb 2007

This might help:click here

  provider 2 22:38 22 Feb 2007

Or this:click here

  crimbo 22:48 22 Feb 2007

Thanks for that provder 2; there is a section saying that Norton has problems with IE7, so maybe that's the problem, although i did try to disable it to no avail! \at least Firefox works, even though it wasn't on the 800 cetrificated software list today.

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