Problem changing W7 password.

  VLADTHEOGRE 17:55 10 Nov 2012

Hi. I hope somebody can help me here.

I recently lost my Brother in Law after he had a fatal stroke. His wife (my sister) has asked me to access his computer to access family related documents. This is on a Vaio VPCL22S1E touchscreen desktop PC, which he had only bought 3 months ago. Once I have dealt with this for her, it will be for sale.

Fortunately it hasn't got a Vaio password on it, and I say that because I had to do a Vaio laptop some years ago, and it was a nightmare. So it is simply a matter of getting into it, by bypassing the Windows password.

I have been using a website called The hard drive appears to be "D".

I have managed to type the commands given, as below with the exception of the final part, and it is this that is giving me problems. Can anyone help me please.

2.Find the drive letter of the partition where Windows is installed. In Vista and Windows XP, it is usually C:, in Windows 7, it is D: in most cases because the first partition contains Startup Repair. To find the drive letter, type C: (or D:, respectively) and search for the Windows folder. Note that Windows PE (RE) usually resides on X:. 3.Type the following command (replace “c:” with the correct drive letter if Windows is not located on C:): copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ This creates a copy of sethc.exe to restore later. 4.Type this command to replace sethc.exe with cmd.exe: copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe Reboot your computer and start the Windows installation where you forgot the administrator password. 5.After you see the logon screen, press the SHIFT key five times. **6.You should see a command prompt where you can enter the following command to reset the Windows password (see screenshot above): net user yourusername new_password If you don’t know your user name, just type net user to list the available user names. 7.You can now log on with the new password.**

This is the ambiguous part of it. The first parts have gone on and copied without any problem. I then restart, tap the shift 5 times, and the DOS type box comes up with this prompt.


So what should I type in? I have tried all sorts of combinations, none work. I think that the fact that it's in C:\ and not D (the drive) is a factor.....but try as I might, I cannot seem to change drive with the usual old DOS command D:

Can somebody help me with a simple line command to let me get this sorted out, and lets say that my User Name will be George, and my password will be Banana. Once I am in, I can then remove the password altogether, and she can then access her late husbands computer.

Heartfelt thanks if you can help me.

  lotvic 21:08 10 Nov 2012

Well you (or pc) seems to have found the Windows folder ok on C: (not on D:)

So presume you want to change the unknown password to Banana

I read that as having to type: net user George Banana

so that it reads C:\windows\system32>net user George Banana

However if George is a new user name that you just thought of and not the one that was originally on pc, you should type

new user

and then a list of user names should be displayed so you will know what to type instead of George

  lotvic 21:16 10 Nov 2012

Duh, sorry. typo. That should be net user (not new user) ClickHere for info

  VLADTHEOGRE 22:37 10 Nov 2012

Thanks for this Lotvic.

These were just a simple user name and password to try and get this PC running, and neither previously existed or have been used....not by me anyhow!

I had actually tried the combinations that you suggested, but thank you.

I got so fed up trying this way of doing it that I decided to try a completely different programme. I don't know why this guy did such an excellent article, and then made the end of it so vague so that anyoine using it was left wondering how to finish it.:(

So here is how I have SUCCESSFULLY got this password, and unlocked it.

I downloaded the excellent programme: Ophcrack LiveCD and then burned the iso file to a CD. Within 2 minutes, it had found the hidden password which was 'horuss'. The password hint had been "Egypt" and so my wife tells me Horus was an Egyptian god, and the extra s was to confuse.

Anyway. In now, and Thanks again. This Ophcrack CD will now go into my toolbox, and has saved the day.

If it helps anyone else, then this:

is the download site, along with a full walk through.

  VLADTHEOGRE 23:09 10 Nov 2012

Solved Many Thanks.

  Harina54 15:28 01 Dec 2012

Congraution to you. By the way,if you want to change Windows 7 password, you can make use of SmartKey Windows Password Recovery as well.

  lotvic 16:08 01 Dec 2012

Warning to anyone tempted to look for the SmartKey password recovery software as suggested by Harina54

This is software that costs between $20 and $40 and WOT users have given it a RED warning for possible malware, viruses etc.

There are many complaints that Forums have been SPAMMED with adverts for this software.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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