Problem With Changing Removable Drive Letters.

  m800afc 20:10 24 Dec 2012

Intel Core i7 CPU [email protected] 3.81GHz 12Gb RAM ATI Radeon HD 5770 Monitor 1 - BenQ2400W (Landscape) Monitor 2 - BenQ2400W (Portrait) Win 7 Pro 64bit: Epson Stylus Photo R1900.

On my taskbar are five removable drives labelled H,W,X,Y and Z. I have no idea what storage device each of these drives is referring to. I would like to use the letter H to label a HDD. When I open disk management however (my computer>manage>disk management) none of the removable drives are shown. I have tried reading an assortment of USB sticks, phones and mp3 players but none of them show up as H. How can I change the drive letter of a removable drive?

  m800afc 16:55 25 Dec 2012


Thanks for the suggestion.

Sadly it does not help. The option was already unticked, and so I am still unable to change the drive letter. Any further advice will be greatly appreciated.

  m800afc 21:29 25 Dec 2012

Seasons Greetings.

Curiouser and curiouser. I'm sure I have not knowingly changed the drive letters. Initially Chillblast provided me with one SSD, C: and six 1Tb drives set up as three Raid 1 pairs. My computer crashed sometime after and the SSD died and the Raid pairs were split. The SSD is no longer accessible. I partitioned D: into C: and D:, and did a clean install of W7 onto C:. As a result the computer works as it should. This week I replaced the dead SSD with a 1Tb drive out of an external case and did a clean reinstall of W7.

The drives are now listed, using EaseUS partition Master as:


Disk 1 ===== O: and N:

Disk 2 ===== F:

Disk 3 ===== G:

Disk 4 ===== M:

Disk 5 ===== D: and C:

Disk 6 ===== E:

Disk 7 ===== I:


Disk 14 ==== T:

Disk 15 ==== K: and L

Disk 16 ==== P: and Q

Note that neither the BluRay drive nor any of the Removable drives is shown. The same results are given with the W7 disk manager.

If I cannot get to any of the five removable disks shown on the taskbar, via either the inbuilt disk manager or a third party partition manager, how can I change their drive letters?

  lotvic 00:19 26 Dec 2012

Triple thread by m800afc, see thread in Helproom that has replies

m800afc, please stick to one thread for same problem or it just get confusing for those offering suggestions/advice.

  m800afc 03:42 26 Dec 2012

Just a little clarification. I am not using any kind of raid at all now. All pairings were broken following a crash, and they are all working happily as individual drives. It is the removable drives I have the problem with, not the internal HDD's.

  lotvic 15:09 26 Dec 2012

"When I open disk management however (my computer>manage>disk management) none of the removable drives are shown"

I think that is the problem if they are not showing there (mine do show with their letter).

I do not know why they are displayed on the Taskbar? (that doesn't sound normal, or is it a W7 quick pop up menu thingy) anyway if you can't do anything with that - not a lot of use having them there, maybe it was a 'leftover' from changing the other hard drives around.

My card readers (4) show up in Hardware | Device Manager, as 'Storage Volumes' | Generic volume (listed 4 times) If you have any reference to them there you could try updating the drivers or 'check for hardware changes'

Perhaps you should physically remove the cable from the card reader to the motherboard, then boot pc so it can register they are not present, then shut down, reconnect cable, boot up and let W7 find them again and install the drivers.

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