Printing selected contacts on contacts list

  Trenny 13:57 12 Jul 2016

How can I print selected contacts from my contacts list in windows 10?

  john bunyan 14:17 12 Jul 2016

Look up "copying an address book. Also see here:

Copying an address book.

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to do it, and will come back if it works. Printing a contacts.csv file was not good.

As a short term answer, purely for the names and e mails, I called up the address book in full screen view, and used the snipping tool to save a page at a time (5 pages) and printed them via paint.

  Trenny 17:45 13 Jul 2016

I have seen various suggestions on the internet, but can't get them to work. I don't really want a csv format. I was wondering if I could use a label template, but am not sure how to. Press on. Where/What is the snipping tool?

  wee eddie 18:19 13 Jul 2016

Create a Group of those you want to print.

You can delete the Group whenever you wish without affecting the original Contracts

  john bunyan 18:50 13 Jul 2016


The snipping tool is a Microsoft accessory . In W 7 in Accessories, in W10 not sure. I have it on the toolbar. Get your list on the screen in the address book ,click on the snipping tool, put the snip at top left and drag it around the selection. Then save it as "capture.jpg" (Default name). Then call it up in your Imaging software - Paint will do if you have none - and print it.

  Trenny 21:04 14 Jul 2016

Many thanks.

  Trenny 21:53 14 Jul 2016

I have created a group of those I want to print.I can't find the Address Cards'or 'customise current view' options. Where are they?

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