Printers over a Vista 64/XP network

  Steve Mat 08:50 07 Dec 2008

I've tried asking Canon but they can't even read the question properely before sending out a non related answer (twice).

My Canon 560i printer is connected to my Vista 64 pc. I'm trying to connect to this printer via my other XP machine over my home network. I can see the printer but when I try to connect, the XP machine says the drivers are not available. I have installed all the latest drivers on both machines.

I had it working when it was XP to XP and I have tried installing direct to XP and networking the Vista 64 but it will not work either way.

The network appears fine, as I am sharing files without any problems.

Anyone experienced this and managed to resolve it?

  Ashrich 14:05 07 Dec 2008

The XP machine will try to access and load the drivers across the network from the Vista machine , if you have a look at the printer properties , under the sharing tab you will see there is a option to load drivers for other OS's , try using that facility and see if it helps . Does the XP PC see the printer across the network when the set up is being run ?


  Steve Mat 19:53 07 Dec 2008

yes. I tried ticking all 3 boxes but again the computer asks for these drivers.

Yes the XP sees the printer as I select it through the browse option rather than just enter the address.

I feel the answer maybe to do with these other drivers for other OS's but it's finding these drivers or rather, getting the pc to find these drivers.

Thanks for your help

  Steve Mat 10:02 11 Dec 2008

This is the response I got from Canon:

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding your Canon i560.

Unfortunately, we do not support the printer when used as a network device as this falls outside of the specifications of the printer.

You say that you can access the printer through an XP to XP network but not when using Vista64. If this is the case, you need to contact Microsoft for further information and guidance.

As you are probably aware, the .inf file is an information file used during setup by the operating system. If this file cannot be accessed cross operating system versions you would need to contact Microsoft to see whether 2 versions of the driver can be used successfully, cross operating system architecture, using a shared network

We apologise that we cannot assist you further in this matter. "

This looks like a cop out to me as it is not technically being used as a Network printer but a shared printer.

  Ashrich 00:36 12 Dec 2008

Might this be down to the Vista PC using a 64bit driver I wonder ?


  MCE2K5 01:50 12 Dec 2008

click here

Posts #1 & #5

  Steve Mat 10:39 12 Dec 2008

Thanks for that MCE2K5.

To everyone else, no matter what your printer type or whether it is on the XP computer or Vista computer, the bit you need to pay attention to is the installing a Local Printer and then Create a New Port. You then name the port:

\\computer name\printer name

e.g. \\Office\Canon i560

where Office (in my case) is the pc directly connected to the printer.

For ease of installation, ensure that your workgroups are named the same.

More detailed instructions on how to do this are given in the link in MCE2K5's post and in particular, the link from there to click here

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