printer connection problem

  artypants 05:31 26 Jan 2013

wireless printer not receiving print jobs from p.c. they are stacking up in print file, can anyone help please

  difarn 05:46 26 Jan 2013

Can you give a bit more information please. Make and model, how you are connected, is it neworked, has it been working, error messages etc.

  artypants 05:56 26 Jan 2013

Hi, it's an Epson Stylus SX425W and it's wireless. It works standalone. I have checked that print manager is not on 'print to file' mode. My laptop tells me that it's installed (showing pic with green tick). No error messages. I'm sure it just needs me to tick the correct box somewhere, somehow but it's not obvious to a mere mortal like me, thanks for reading.

  difarn 06:59 26 Jan 2013

Usually this problem occurs because either the password or WEP number is incorrectly entered. Did you use the installation disk with the wizard? Did you have a print out at the end of the installation to say whether the set up was successful or not? Is the wifi light on your printer illuminated? Does your printer and router have the WPS facility whereby you pair them by pressing a button?

Many people connect their wifi printer at first by using a usb cable - this has the benefit of taking the wifi details from the pc. If you are setting it up manually, using the wizard then you will need the WEP/WPA number and your router password.

Have a look at this video about wifi set up of Epson printers, although not for your specific model.

  artypants 07:56 26 Jan 2013

Thank you, all seems well now except for 'IP address check' and 'detailed IP set up address'. report reads; incorrect IP address is assigned to the printer, so how do I enter the correct IP and where do I get it from?, cheers

  artypants 08:01 26 Jan 2013

laptop says printer is installed, printer gave 100% passes on printout, but printer will not print test page from laptop and I have a stack of stuff in the print file. my other printer is telling me that servicable parts are due for service, can I fix that, as I am desperate now!!??

  difarn 08:50 26 Jan 2013

The laptop is saying that the printer is installed but is not wirelessly connected. The IP address should have been entered in the set up process - you haven't actually told me how you set it up.

To find your IP address:-

Right click on your network icon in the taskbar and open network and sharing centre. Click on the wireless network adapter, details, and your IP address should be shown there.

My advice is to delete the printer and go through the set up procedure again. If you did not use the cd with the installation wizard try that.

If you did try that with no luck use the attached instructions - you will need to connect the printer to your pc initially to follow this method.

  artypants 09:17 26 Jan 2013

Thank you for your assistance, I used the CD.I am going to uninstall and start again, wish me luck.

  difarn 09:45 26 Jan 2013

Fingers crossed.

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